Get Ready: 2019 Facade Improvement Program

It’s time to start preparing for the 2019 Facade Improvement Program to ensure that you secure funding.

The Facade Improvement Program provides up to $10,000 for 50% of the total cost of a facade renovation! We expect that funding for this program will be approved and renewed by City-Council in mid-January, 2019.

As this program is first-come-first-serve, we are encouraging businesses and property owners who wish to take part in this program to prepare all of the paperwork required to apply in advance of January 2019 so to make sure that you don’t miss out on this funding opportunity.


You will need to prepare the following documents to apply:

Two contractor quotes for each of the 3+ improvements that you wish to make to your building facade.

If you are a commercial tenant; a letter from your landlord granting you permission to undertake these renovations.

A simple drawing of what renovations you want to make to the facade.

The 2019 Version of the application form (to be released in mid-January 2019 upon program funding approval)


Consider the Following Renovation Options:
Improved Signage
Projecting Signage
Awnings & Canopies
Exterior Lighting
Accessible Entrances
Improved Windows & Doors
Sliding or Garage Doors
Millwork & Exterior Decoration
Brick Cleaning & Repointing
Architectural Redesign Services
Other Approved


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