Beach Village BIA Member Benefits

All businesses, whether retail, professional, dining, entertainment, or real estate, benefit from the improved local atmosphere and ambiance that a successful BIA helps to create. Improvements and activities retain more local customers and attract more visitors. Cost savings to members can result from improved integration of capital funding and promotional activities. Partnerships between the BIA and local organizations help create a stronger, more integrated community, which benefits the whole community. Learn more below about all the ways you benefit from being a part of the Beach Village BIA.


Connect with the Beach Village brand and get more exposure for your business. The Beach Village BIA promotes our members through our business directory, monthly newsletter and social media accounts.


The Beach Village BIA has an extensive annual calendar of special events and public programming including Moonlight Madness, Movie Nights in the Park, Jazz It Up in Kew, and Halloween on Queen.

Access to Funding

The Beach Village BIA promotes the City of Toronto’s annual Commercial Façade Improvement Grant to its members. The BIA holds information sessions for businesses to learn more about the program and helps to guide members through the process. Access to this funding, which will fund half of the cost of eligible improvements, is only available to businesses within BIAs.

Graffiti Removal

The Beach Village BIA maintains a graffiti removal program that covers from the curb of Queen Street East to the building facades, up to fifteen feet from ground level. This includes all business facades as well as benches, garbage bins, parking metres, and other street furniture. The BIA contracts Goodbye Graffiti, who completes weekly patrols and are available on-call, with a 4-hour minimum response time for removal of any discriminatory graffiti. In 2018 the BIA removed 2000+ instances of graffiti tags, posters, and stickers.

Beautification Programs

The Beach Village BIA’s beautification programs are managed by the Streetscape Committee, including installation of vibrant coloured and branded banners, summer and winter floral planters and hanging baskets, and coordination of new murals and public art. In 2018 the BIA worked with the City and Astral Media’s Out of Home program to upgrade all the street furniture assets to a cleaner, sleeker and better maintained standard.

Capital Improvements

In 2018 the Beach Village BIA, in partnership with the City of Toronto, commissioned PLANT Architect Inc. to complete a streetscape master plan to guide the development of the streetscape of Queen Street East. The completed document outlines 10 projects for execution over the next 10 years. Projects include short- and medium-term priorities, such as boulevard parkettes, public art gateways, murals, installation of wayfinding totems, as well as long term strategies, such as bollard removal and harmonization, and road narrowing and bump outs. The final master plan document is available here.


Between 2019-2020 the BIA will be executing two projects from the master plan, including the installation of wayfinding totems and construction of two parkettes, one at Queen & Lee and the other at Queen & Hammersmith.

Navigating City Services

The BIA is here to help you navigate City processes and take advantage of its resources, services, and incentive programs. Let us know how we can help you.


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