Beach Village BIA Board of Directors

Marg Gillespie, Chair

Marg has been a resident of the Beach(es) for more than 20 years. Her business, Kids at Home, was a part of Queen Street for 13 years. During that time she she has seen a lot of change in the the diversity and uniqueness of the Queen Street and became a member of the BIA 8 years ago to be an advocate for the business members. Although she sold her business, she remained on the BIA Board and represents Set Me Free.

Russell Ward, Vice Chair

Russell Ward has been a member of the BIA for two years and is the owner/operator of the local paint and sundry store, Nabors Paint in the Beach for 30 years. He bought the store on a handshake back in 1989. He is active in the community, donating to schools for club projects and school-wide art projects. An avid hockey player, Russell has donated to children’s sport clubs over the years. He has accepted co-op students and helped them achieve their volunteer hours to graduate high school.

Mohammad Khosh-Ghalb, Treasurer

Mohammad Khosh-Ghalb, CPA, CGA is the founder and the managing director of MKG CPA Professional Corporation located in the Beach Village. With more than 10 years of experience, Mohammad provides accounting, tax, and business advisory services to professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small and medium business owners.

James Cockfeild, Secretary

James has been a Financial Planner with BMO since 2014 and joined the Queen & Hambly branch in June 2017. As a Beach resident for over 30 years, he has deep roots in the community through his family and being a Scout leader. He holds the Personal Financial Planner designation and is currently working towards the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Rick Gabriele, Director

Rick is a local landlord and property owner on Queen Street and Kingston Road. He has spent years investing in The Beach Village shopping district. He also lives in the neighborhood with his family and therefore intricately understands the challenges businesses face along Queen. Rick has been a volunteer on the board for over a decade.

Brad Bradford, Councillor, Ward 19


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